The Mission

TPMP is a social empowerment initiative dedicated to changing the world by awakening every human being to their true potential and purpose. TPMP is one leg of ETGA (Enough to Go Around) USA, a U.S. based non-profit, with the belief that our planet contains enough resources to provide for every human being. A global lack of resources is in fact a myth they aim to debunk by raising the consciousness of the people and emboldening them to give up this mindset by giving to causes that benefit society.

While the focus of ETGA USA and the TPMP is on awakening individuals power and consciousness, the larger goal is a global awakening. In order to achieve this globally, we need everyone with our vision and the means, to contribute to our cause. Ours is a social initiative dependent on people with big hearts and an even bigger calling to be a stand for the transformation of our world. TPMP is available to any person that seeks a positive life change, regardless of whether they are currently able to pay for it. The initiatives of ETGA USA are all funded by the people, for the people.


  • 1-TPMP-190

  • [email protected]

  • Marina Del Rey, CA
    United States


Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00
Saturday CLOSED