The Perfect Me Program utilizes a unique process based on the popular thoughts, words, actions, habits, destiny formula to awaken each person. The process is as follows:


  • 1. Thoughts create words. The foundation of TPMP transformation process is thoughts. TPMP provides two 50-minute audio recordings charged with powerful thoughts. The human brain believes what you tell it the most. Listening to these recordings every day will overwrite any negative thoughts, remove limits and set each person up to successfully create in the next part of the process: Words.

  • 2. Words create actions. TPMP contains 36 lessons designed to have each person use words to write a life story free from limits. Each lesson works in conjunction with the thoughts in the audio to uncover hidden limits clouding their power and purpose. During this process, they are made aware of the fact that they are in fact writing their life story each day by the next part of the process: Actions.
  • 3. Actions create habits. 36 action based assignments are the final piece of the transformation process. Each assignment requires a specific action to be taken that you will be required to take. These actions will be determined by you according to the life story you want. You will be asked to choose these actions each time life gives you the option, forgoing any past ways you may have acted. This will soon create the next part of the formula: Habits.
  • 4. Habits create your character. This process is the fastest way to create a new powerful version of yourself known as your “Perfect Me”. Upon completion of the course, you can look forward to living fully with a new, limitless set of thoughts, words, actions and habits that will create your: Character.