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Adrian Bailey is a certified hypnotherapist, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and seasoned life coach known for his unique approach to mindset training. After years of research across human psychology and brain science, Bailey noticed that programming methods used by the media, specifically the use of music was being used to hypnotize the public to lead them in directions that weren’t always for their benefit. As a means to combat this programming, Bailey developed his signature course, The Perfect Me Program and Rapid Habit Transformation (RHT) methodology. In his work, Bailey targets negative thought patterns(programming), and transforms them to create patterns that awaken people to their true power and potential.

“My utmost priority is the making the people of the world, especially those who have been hit hardest by negative programming, aware of the true power they possess. They have been programmed to live with fear, doubt and worry. They have been programmed to be divided, to hate and to feel powerless to change their lot in life. I’m committed to banishing that program and help them create a new, powerful one. My goal is to awaken our brothers and sisters plugged into the Matrix. I look forward living in a world where everyone is cooperating with one another, united and free to dream.”

Bailey is a visionary with a growing online presence. He spent over 15 years working for media giants CNN, ABC, FOX and CBS. In 2015 Bailey, tired of participating in the overwhelmingly negative “news” programming, walked away to pursue his passion for helping others achieve positive change. He doesn’t only use The Perfect Me Program to help clients, but he uses it every day on himself to stay the course of making it available to everyone that needs it whether they can afford it or not. His vision has expanded from local one on one training, to the possibility of a communal funded awakening course funded by the people, for the people.


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